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Raven MTi

The Raven touchscreen Mixer/Editor

Eve 207 - 205 Reference monitors

These reference monitors are very natural and flat. You hear detail you need to hear to make that extra difference in your mix. Add the matched sub and you hear the full spectrum of your project! BREATH TAKING!

Lewitt LCT 940

Pristine large diaphragm tube mic with multiple pattern options and sweepable FET power. This is our primary vocal mic, but because of its vast versatility, this mic can be utilized in multiple recording scenarios.

Focusrite 8PreX & OctoPre

These two machines work together to provide 16 fantastic sounding mic pre's that stand up in prestigious studios world wide

Lewitt LCT 640

These mics are beautiful sounding overheads as well as voice or acoustic guitar. They have some tech features that can take them to a whole different level if you choose as well! Awesome mics!

Lewitt LCT 340

Small diaphragm, dual option capsule condenser mic similar, but more versatile than the AKG 451. In my opinion this mic sounds superior. Very airy top end with a warm mid range. Sounds great on hi hats, acoustic guitar and so on.

Blue - Hummingbird

We have 4 of these great little small diaphragm condensers. Once again a very versatile set of mics that can be put just about anywhere in a pinch.

Sennheiser 421

Probably one of the most classic and asked for drum / utility workhorse mics any studio can have! Enough said!

Shure - Beta 57a

Another nice utility mic great for snare, guitar, cabinets etc....

Shure SM 57

Everyone has these. All around utility mic.

Telefunken M82

Awesome Kick drum mic. Don't stop there though. This mic will give your guitars, bass, toms even a radio voice a well rounded full bodied tone!

Sennheiser E901

I love this mic as a stand alone kick drum mic or supplemental. It really gives life to your kick either way. Lots of air!

AKG D112

One of the standard kick mics for many years.


This keyboard is made for the piano player with real feeling weighted keys. Best out there in my opinion.

Pearl Master series Shells

If you need a drum set we have a beautiful sounding kit.

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