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Multi Track

If you have a full band or you are a voiceover artist, Mixit1Studio can fulfill your recording needs with excellent quality and premium service.

Voice Over

Equipped and experienced in voice recording, Mixit1Studio 

is ready to service you at the highest level from "Voice Overs" for TV and Radio to "Book on Tape", "Podcast" or any other spoken word recording.

Post Production Audio Editing

Whether you have noisy tracks that need care or you performed and multi tracked multiple shows that you need chopped up and seamlessly made into a powerful production, we have the tools and experience to surpass your expectations. 

Mixing and Mastering

Full service mixing is a specialty here at Mixit1Studio. And if you have a mix that you want to take to the next level through mastering, bring it on over and let us help you with that too! 

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